Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Covenant Believers Church

We visited New Covenant Believers Church this past Sunday and we came away with good feelings. Unfortunately we were beholden to the whims of a three month old tyrant who demanded our presence elsewhere. Thus we had to leave roughly two hours into service- just when Pastor was getting to the bones of the sermon.Two hours is a bit long for our taste, however the spirit was in full force and the atmosphere was worthy of the length.

NCBC features a great many amenities, such as ample parking, courteous and attentive ushers, and a "cry room" for infants, which we found to be particularly helpful.  The congregation seemed very genuine. When we were greeted by the congregation it didn't feel at all as an obligation, but as a desire to truly meet us.

NCBC offers a variety of ministries to keep idle hands busy, and build lasting, wholesome friendship. Adult, children, teen, care ministries, discipleship, worship arts, fellowship groups, interest based groups and missions.

The church itself, as large as it is, is somewhat tucked away from the world. On a road not necessarily considered first when the plows come out. But it's set just off the asphalt- thus easy to spot.

A positive conclusion, from our standpoint. We found the environment to be very welcoming. The spirit of the Lord was given the opportunity to thrive. If given the chance to revisit -we would. As far as making it our Church home, we cant be so sure just yet, considering we were cut short from the full message. It was definitely a great first step on our journey :)

If you'd like to learn more about this Church, visit their website here:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Us on our wedding day
We are a happily married couple who are on a journey to find a new church home in Central Ohio. Our ultimate goal is to find a place that can become a spiritual home for ourselves and our three beautiful girls.

We invite you to follow our progress, as we search churches on all different sides of town that adhere to our beliefs. We are a Christian family, looking for a Christian home. We understand that each individual and each family will have their own walk with the Lord and we do not discourage anyone from continuing on their path.

This blog will serve as journal chronicling the search of our new church home. We are borrowing this idea from one of our favorite films "Julie & Julia", in which the main character begins a blog and uses it as a diary detailing her travels through the Joy of Cooking by the incomparable Julia Child.

Each week we will feature a new church and an overview of our experience there. We will also list a link to the church's website, if applicable, and directions via mapquest. We invite you to follow us on our journey to find our own flock. If, in the midst of it all, you come across a church that interests you we encourage you to check it out.

Though the goal is the same we know the path will be different for all. Please do not take our experience to be the final word on each church as we will be writing our review after a single visit. We will do our best to provide unbiased information though the information will be based on our experiences.

Stay tuned and God bless!